About Us

Human Rights Film Center (HRFC) was established in 2009 by a team of media professionals, journalists and human rights activists. HRFC thrusts for GOOD FILMS FOR JUST SOCIETY.

HRFC has set its objective to use films and other forms of mass communication for the promotion and protection of human rights and dignity in order to create just, equal and peaceful society. It organizes film festival, training workshop, Film screening, film fellowship programs, grass root film making workshops, video advocacy and also works for the production of fiction and non-fiction film with cinematic quality.


HRFC has managed its identity assuring quality effort for the equitable and peaceful society through the means of video advocacy via human rights promotion since from the year of inception. Coming all along HRFC has successfully completed six editions of annual Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival (NHRIFF). The first festival was held 27th September to 1st October 2010 AD as 1st NHRIFF in association with MOVIES THAT MATTERS, Netherland and Nepal Tourism Board. 2nd Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival (NHRIFF) from 23-26 February 2012. The festival was supported by National Human Rights commission, Film Development Board of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board and Global Peace Film Festival, USA.  3rd NHRIFF was organized from 21-24 February 2013. The 4th NHRIFF was held from June 10-12, 2016 at the Nepal Administrative Staff College, Jawalakhel Kathmandu. The festival was supported by National Human Rights commission and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Nepal. Accordingly, the 5th NHRIFF was concluded in the year 2017 march and 6th NHRIFF in 2018 March at Nepal Tourism Board Bhirkutimandap, Kathmandu Nepal. The former festival was supported by UNDP Nepal and promoted by National Human Rights Commission and the later was supported by Governance Facility (GF), UNDP and NHRC as same. Besides festivals HRFC has conducted “Grass Root Film Making Training” in support of Australian Embassy Nepal in Pokhara from 2010. However, HRFC has been successfully organizing “Documentary Making Workshop for Human Rights Defenders”, “Interactions and Dialogues on Human Rights and films Nationwide”, “Regular Screening of Films on HR issues”, “Fellowships”, “TV Serials”, “PSA and TVC productions” and many similar activities in the process of knowledge production and management. Human Rights Film Center has come forward with an opportunity for the aspiring film makers to gain proper knowledge of the medium.


Good Films, for Just Society


  • Dialogical intervention through HR films for social change
  • Bring society, films and discussion at one platform


  • To engage marginalized communities for the promotion of human rights through films
  • To conduct study, research, production, publication and archive on human rights and films
  • To critically access portrayal of society in Nepali films
  • To conduct regular discussions for the production of significant films and capacity building to establish human rights and values in the society
  • To promote the human right issues of marginalized communities assuring participatory involvement in discourse


HRFC believes that a happy employee leads to happier work environment and always tries to maintain diverse factors such as open communication, recognition and team work. HRFC has a high opinion on the following points;

  • Cinematic Sensibility
  • Censorship free films
  • Along good film movement
  • Responsible film maker, Answerable film
  • Freedom of expression
  • Zero tolerance
  • Issue Sensitivity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Non Discrimination
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Multi-stakeholders Approach

Executive Board