MAP Activities in Makwanpur

Mobile Video/Film Making Workshop: Mobile video/film making workshop organized to children and teachers of Janapriya Secondary School and Churiyamai Secondary School, Hetauda, Makwanpur on 24-25 February 2021. Total 25 students and 3 teachers participated in the workshop. During the workshop child led filmmaking exercises were practiced.

Children have produced 2-minute short videos/films in the theme of traditional harmful practice. Total three videos/films are produced by children/participants of the workshop. At the end of the workshop they presented their film among 50+ audiences. This workshop developed the inner confidence of children to speak in public and raise issues they faced through video/film.  

Workshop on Theatre/Drama and Performance Arts: Workshop on theatre/drama and performance arts was organized among 28 students and 3 teachers of Janapriya Secondary School and Churiyami Secondary School in Makwanpur on 24-25 February 2021. During the workshop drama/theatre performance was practice. At the end of training children were asked to create drama on their local issues and present. Children have created two dramas and presented.  

Workshop on Painting: Two days long workshop on painting was organized, where 23 students and 1 teacher participated in the workshop. Participants identified community child and youth issues during the workshop and presented through their individual and group painting.  

Advocacy Meeting with Municipality/Local Government: Co-Is Bishnu Bahadur Khatri, Rajib Timalsina and Member of National Youth Council, Jagdish Kumar Ayer had joint meeting with municipality representative of Hetauda Municipality Makwanpur on 25 February 2021. Joint meeting among the MAP team, National Youth Council of Nepal and local Municipality discussed local curricula and further collaboration to develop, finalize and implement local curricula in schools. Municipality shared their willingness to have collaboration with MAP to finalize and implement local curricula. 

Art Based Teaching Learning Material Handover Programme: HRFC/TU/MAP Nepal handovered art based teaching learning materials to the child club of Janapriya Secondary School and Churiyami Secondary School Makwanpur on 24 February 2021. Co-Is Bishnu Bahadur Khatri and Rajib Timalsina handovered the materials to the schools. School teachers, representatives of School Management Committee (SMC), Parents Teachers Association (PTA), representative of municipality (ward chairperson) and representatives of child clubs were present in the art based teaching learning materials handover program. MAP also handovered MAP visibility materials (T-shirts with MAP logo) to MAP child clubs.  

Child led Research/Data Collection:  Child club representatives of Janapriya Secondary School and Churiyami Secondary School, Makwanpur conducted child led research (data collection) on 24-25 February 2021. They have conducted research on local child/youth issues/problems, art based practices, youth/child opinion and recommendations. This research was conducted using online google form. Mobiles were provided to researchers for data collection. Children who were engaged in this child led research were trained on research methodology, process, use of mobile and google form. Child club representatives will continue this research. Mentor/focal teachers are helping children to collect data collection processes