MAP Nepal organized three days’ end of year sharing event youth camp at Pension Vasana Hotel 
Kathmandu on 27-29 April 2022. Total of 14 youths (7 boys, 7 girls), 8 teachers (2 females, 6 male) have 
participated in the workshop from MAP working schools and child club from Palpa, Kanchanpur and 
Day 1 and 2 (27 and 28 April 2022):
In the first two days, the youths work together from all 7 child clubs. They shared their experiences and 
challenges. They also shared the process of their work during project implementation.They co-created 
different art forms such as dance, song, deuda, and drama to present during the main event of the youth camp.
Day 3: Main event:

The entire program was hosted by youths, and it started with a welcome song created by the youth and some 
focal teachers also joined the song. There was a visible bond established between teacher and students while 
singing a song created by youths. This shows that art can also improve the relationship between students and 
teachers.For the guests, COIs Vishnu Bahadur Khatri and Rajiv Timalsina briefed the participants about what 
MAP is, its Function and working procedures of MAP, and the reason behind its establishment of MAP. 
Also explained its impact on schools and students' studies. The event was groomed by the songs and dance 
reflecting the originality of their place were highlighted. They presented the Deuda song; an indigenous 
cultural dance from the far west and all the guests participated when that song was performed. This 
participation shows the cultural respect prevailing in the Nepali community. In addition to this, Tamang Cello 
the cultural song of Makwanpur as well as Jhyaure from Palpa was also presented there. It seems that youth 
are still influenced by their cultures and they have not deviated from their core cultural practices. Youth also 
portrayed their real story of gender discrimination through drama. Since drama is the other most effective art 
form, every participant enjoyed and felt the long-rooted discrimination in society.  Nevertheless, the youth 
continued the program by performing a number of the art form which they have learned within 1 year such as 
drama, song, poem, and music as well as pasting the chart paper which have meaningful work. Art is not used 
only for fun but it also helps to keep the respect, and love, from a different religion, is the moral lesson they 
explained from their performance.