Activity by Divine Child Club at Janapirya Hetauda

After the training provided by MAP team Divine child club and Janapirya higher secondary school conducted series of art based activities through virtual medium and physically after the end of lock-down. They have started collaboration with MAP on 24 august, 2020.  They have been doing all activities under the campaign called “bal bagaicha” that is garden of children, which is very unique concept they started. After the MAP they have been conducting various activities every week under different themes including education, youg dhyan, Culture, Health, Literature, sports, Art and music, Psychology, Religion, Journalism, Social service, Film making and documentary and others activities. In the record they were able to conduct 38 activities including Interaction with various subject experts, gurus, doctors, artists, singers, poet, writers and some activities singing, dancing etc.

Divine Club have started their own YouTube Channel to update their work.

Please follow link for YouTube Channel of Divine Child Club Janapriya Ma.Vi.

Following activities were organized:

Open online dance competition was organized in collaboration with dibya sewa child club and divine child club where 17 children were participated in competition. The activity was organized through online platform zoom on 7 Sept. 2020.

Interaction with doctors of Hetauda hospital was organized about various health issues including dental, covid-19, psycho-social effect to children due to lock-down. 4 event was conducted in 8, 22 September 2020. DR. Ria gupta, Dr. Sagar kafle, Dr. Sandhya adhikari have provided consulting service.

Interaction was organized with poet Subsh Khanal on 16 September 2020, with Masan upasak on 23 September 2020 and with Ramesh mohan adhikari on September 9, 2020. They had very fruitful interaction with children and they shared their experience in literature.

Interaction with Spiritual people was organized to teach student about character development and cultural development. Interaction with Swami Khusi Bhatta was organized on 7 September, 2020, with Prabin Baiji on September 14, 2020, With swami Hirananda on 12 October 2020 and with Sunita Baiji on November 2020. Total 200 +students and teachers were participated in those events.

Interaction followed by song performance was organized with different singers. Local singer Ishwor khadka he is also visible impaired has performed his song o 29 Aug 2020, Folk singar Chandra Bajgai and Samjhana Adhikari have performed on 12 September, 2020. Folk singer pratima aryal has taught children about how folk song can sing on Sept 5 2020. And Samjhana adhikari folk singer has performed her performance on 26 September 2020.

Interaction with Journalist Hari Humagain was organized. He shared his experience and taught children about radio and print journalism.

An interaction program was organized with sports man Raju adhikari and social actor Arpan Parjuli. Arpan is chairman of mamaghar Nepal a social organization that works for old people.

Interaction with old aged people was organized to know how they have been staying in old aged home. Old people shared their story with teachers and children.