Virtual Poetry Recitation

As part of Mobile Arts for peace, a Virtual Poetry Recitation is organized on 12 august 2020.

During the event 8 poets have presented their poem. The program was organized virtually through zoom platform, where twenty one participant was participated during the event. The theme of the poem was open.

The event was facilitated by Mr. J.B Biswokarma.

This event was organized in collaboration with Dignity Initiative in Nepal. The Dignity Initiative represents the marginalized population specially “Dalit” in Nepal. Dignity Initiatives aims to influence policy and advocacy efforts on behalf of the Dalit population in Nepal.

After the session, reflection session was organized by CO-Is of Nepal Mr. Bishnu Bahadur Khatri and Rajib Timalsina with five young people.

The outcomes of the reflection was “poetry can be a very effective tool to ensure participation of young people in peacebuildinng and art.

“भर्चुअल कविता वाचन” शान्तीका लागि कला (Mobile Arts for Peace-MAP) को संयोजनमा कलाका विभिन्न बिधाहरुलाई सचेतना, सम्वाद, पैरवी र अध्ययन अनुसन्धानको माध्यमका रुपमा प्रयोगको अभ्यासमा हामीले अर्काे शृङ्खला आयाजना गरेकाछौ । जुन २०७७ साउन २८ गते (१२ अगष्ट २०२०) बेलुकी ६ बजे आयोजना गरीएकाे थियाे ।

Here we go for live video of virtual poetry