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Workshop on film making to women journalists

HRFC with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia organized 8 days filmmaking workshop on 6-13 June 2022.

The workshop covered all the components of filmmaking followed by thematic discussions on gender and climate change.

Day 1: Pitching of projects, writing a logline for the projects, and preparing a synopsis.

Day 2: Discussion on prepared loglines, synopsis, the story structure of the film, and preparing storyboards for individual projects

Day 3: Camera training, Sound Training, and preparing Treatment of individual projects and camera practice

Day 4: Camera training, Sound training, and feedback on treatments camera practice.

Day 5: Fine-tuning treatments, revising for pitching to the climate change and gender issue expert.

Day 6: Thematic linkage with the story (Climate change and gender) by climate change and gender expert

Participants shared the stories with gender and climate expert and expert provided feedback from the perspective of gender and climate perspective.

Day 7: Story pitching by participants and feedback by experts (filmmakers)

Participants pitched the story and expert filmmaker, Tshering Ritha Sherpa, provided the feedback.

Day 8: Action plan and guest lecture

The guest lecture was provided by two personals. Nabin Subba (Filmmaker) and Arun Deo Joshi (Filmmaker and journalist), shared their filmmaking experience and provided tips for documentary making.